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Long Road Home

 Ten years ago, Lincoln shattered my heart. Now, he's determined to fix it. But how can someone so broken fix anything?

Home For Summer (Coming Soon)

Turner Cove's very own Princess has returned to take what I've worked two years to build. But I'll be damned if I go down without a fight. 


Two best friends head to rural Montana. 

One with a secret.

The other just hoping to get lucky. 

Each book can be read as a complete standalone, but it is recommended that you read Lumberjack Effect first. 

Read Whiskey Effect for FREE! Click here for more details. 


Hang out with six best friends as they navigate life while simultaneously searching for (or in some cases avoiding) their happily ever after.

Olive You is a collection of six novelettes and two short stories.

Binge-worthy trilogies


All series listed below this line are completed! So binge freely while knowing there are no finale's to wait for! 

An explosive suspense trilogy where corruption runs deep and three by-the-book men must put aside their rules in order to save themselves and the women thrown into their war path. 

Suggested Reading Order

Rescuing Norah

Shielding Jemma

Targeting Celeste